However, these items have been included in policy since its last adoption in because these items are not appropriate to have at school; however, it is not necessary to impose the Level 4 consequence which would be in conflict with the statute. The state board will compile the county boards’ statistics and report findings to the Legislative Oversight Commission on Education Accountability. The county superintendent may use the following factors as guidelines in determining whether or not to reduce a mandatory twelve-month expulsion: The following summary of comments indicates the manner in which each comment was addressed or not addressed through a policy revision: Include the following minimum policy components:

These expectations apply to students, staff and public guests respectively as noted within the policy. Enjoyment of these rights is governed by due process of law. Identify and apply the steps of systematic decision making. A student will not threaten verbal or written or attempt to injure another student, teacher, administrator or other school personnel. The following summary of comments indicates the manner in which each comment was addressed or not addressed through a policy revision: Addressing Inappropriate Behavior with Meaningful Interventions.

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Students have these same rights if they are eighteen years of age or older. An electronic act, communication, transmission or threat includes but is not limited to one which is administered via telephone, wireless phone, computer, pager or any electronic or wireless device whatsoever, and includes but is not limited to transmission of any image or voice, email or text message using any such device.

Inappropriate Display of Affection. The expectations outlined in these regulations apply in public schools in West Virginia during any education-sponsored event, whether in a classroom, elsewhere on school premises, on a school bus or other vehicle used for a school related event, or at a school-sponsored activity or event, whether or not it is held on school premises, in homwwork building or other property used or operated by a county board of education, Regional Education Service Agency RESAHomeeork, West Virginia Board of Education or in another facility or upon any other property being used by any of these agencies.

wvde homework policy

Schools have contingency plans to accommodate students and homeowrk who do not have the financial means to make these purchases. A student will not orally, in writing, electronically, or with photographs or drawings, use profanity in general context not directed toward any individual or group. The following summary of comments indicates the manner in which each comment was addressed or not addressed through a policy revision: Whatever school supplies are deemed necessary to accomplish the goals of a school system and are an integral and fundamental part of elementary and secondary education must be provided free of charge to all students, such as textbooks, paper, homeworo implements and computers if their use is part of the curriculum.


Participate politely polcy classroom discussions Express anger in non-aggressive ways Respect private property Refrain from cyber-bullying. If the school does not amend the records, a hearing may be requested to challenge the content of the records.

School administrators and staff are encouraged to exhaust all available school and community resources to provide appropriate school-based intervention strategies designed to keep students in school and engaged in instruction. Authority of teachers and other school personnel; exclusion of students having infectious diseases; suspension or expulsion of disorderly students; corporal punishment abolished.

wvde homework policy

Law enforcement notification if warranted. Identify likes and dislikes, needs and wants, strengths and challenges. For the purposes of this manual, an alternative education program is a temporary authorized departure from the regular school program designed to provide educational and social development for students whose disruptive behavior places them at risk of not succeeding in the traditional school structures and in adult life without positive interventions.

In addition the school may include on the team one member of the county board, a school counselor, a member from local law-enforcement authorities, poolicy local county emergency services director and one student in grade ten or higher if the school has those grades; Procedures for informing and training school personnel on any actions required of them to effectuate the school’s school specific crisis response plan; A model template for redacted copies of the school crisis response plan for the public inspection and for the release and notice to parents of information related to the plan; wwvde Procedures for non public schools to establish, file and update school crisis response plans consistent with all requirements of public schools; The county board shall keep the current crisis response plan of each school in the county on file and, unless otherwise provided for, provide a copy of each school’s crisis response plan to each local emergency response agency that has a role in the plan.

wvde homework policy

Level 4 Inappropriate Behaviors Level 3 behaviors are criminal. Planning for Policy Implementation — this chapter outlines strategic policy implementation steps as well as state law and policy requirements related to school safety. Apply a decision-making process to academic and social issues Choose appropriate options to negative peer pressure.


Procedures for each school within the state to form a crisis response planning team, which team may consist of the school’s Local School Improvement Council or a separate team consisting of the principal, two teachers, one service person and two parents of children attending the school. Identify goals for academic success and classroom behavior.

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wvve Dangerous weapons include, but are not limited to, blackjack, gravity knife, knife, knife-like implement, switchblade knife, nunchaku, metallic or false knuckles, pistol, or revolver.

Police have the responsibility to enforce laws in order to protect all citizens. Engage in communications that balance speaking and listening Utilize cooperation and negotiation in group work Engage in polite conversation with others about individual, social and cultural differences Give and ask for directions in public.

Interpersonal skills involve wfde, communicating respectfully and constructively resolving conflicts with others.

Nurturing Success

The county board shall provide for the implementation of a preventive discipline program including student involvement. Local emergency response agencies that maintain a copy of the plan shall provide the same necessary safeguards for the information in the plan; The county board shall make available to the public, upon request, a redacted copy of a school crisis response plan with any information removed that is necessary for compliance with the necessary safeguards.

These policies shall encourage the involvement of parent sguardian s or custodian s in the maintenance of school discipline.

Upon completion of the investigation: Speak in a tone of voice appropriate for the situation Engage in age-appropriate transition activities Demonstrate positive dispositions for interacting with peers and adults. This right applies to both custodial and non-custodial parents. Collaboration with Law Enforcement Define unhealthy peer pressure and evaluate strategies for resisting it. When a student is excluded from a classroom or a school bus two times in one semester, and after exhausting all reasonable methods of classroom discipline dvde in the school discipline plan, the student may be readmitted to homewofk classroom or the school bus only after hokework principal, teacher and, if possible, the parent sguardian s or custodian s of the student have held a conference to discuss the student’s disruptive behavior patterns, and the teacher and the principal agree on a course of discipline for the student and inform the parent sguardian s or custodian s of the course of action.