Unit 5 — In-Class Experience. But then with all my travel in August — I quickly had to revise it. I personally entered the system at level 3, bypassing 1 and 2 more for financial reasons than anything else, and I credit that course with globalising my perspective on wine, which up until that point had been very Spain-focused. Some days I dove into the text for a few hours, and others I just reviewed my outlines and flashcards. Or, in our case, four shorter essays. Unit 4 — Spirits of the World. I feel sorry for whomever has to try to read my last question, between my normally not-great handwriting and the cramps I was experiencing.

Find more daily drinkers. You must be logged in to post a comment. Covering all sparkling wines of the world in one day is not my ideal way to learn. To what extent has Australia adopted itself to climate change and what is the future of this approach? The Rosso di Montalcino zone of production is exactly the same as the more prestigious Brunello di Montalcino.

Any thoughts on this? Trip to the Finger Lakes.

Social media, exams and wine: Reflections on the WSET Diploma Unit 1 Case Study

Or, in our case, four shorter essays. Unit 6 — Sudy Wines of the World. Although I mention above that studying every day is a DO, it is possible to go overboard.

This, basically, is an essay. Answers in the Unit 1 case study examination should show clear evidence of critical analysis of source material and wellreasoned personal commentary, together with relevant examples to support the points made.


The exam has been slimmed down over the years as the market for fortified wine slows down globally, but it was still detailed enough to give us all a headache! If there were any difficulties, it was in the vagueness of the questions.

For more information on the WSET in general, this is their global site. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

wset diploma unit 1 case study

DO use a variety of study materials. I know it threw ME off. This made my handwriting worse than normal — which on a good day is barely legible see example at left.

Upon confirmation of eligiblity, you will then pay via button above. The Caee di Montalcino zone of production is exactly the same as the more prestigious Brunello di Montalcino. I want to find more enjoyable! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I put them in our oversized Gonzaga cup Go Zags!!

WSET Diploma – Outwines

Both of which must be completed within 65 minutes. Unit 5 — In-Class Experience. Students choose the subject that most interests them over the 3 year registration period and then submits their paper in either the November or April due date. There are two parts to Unit 1: A few weeks prior to the exam I made a list of all the topics that I thought could be asked — everything from various pressing methods to Pol Roger to Chilean sparklers.


I know several candidates that are tackling both Units together — and I considered this for about 5 csae. The WSET Diploma is designed to give an incredibly solid understanding and knowledge of every major aspect of the wine industry and I have to say, thus far it has met this lofty goal.

Thoughts on: The WSET Diploma | Wine Cuentista.

Your email address will not be published. For Diplima 6, you were expected to do a data dump: To make other payment arrangements, please email us. Barossa Valley Sparkling Shiraz Wine 3: There is also no mandatory oak aging requirement and the price tag is usually much lower.

wset diploma unit 1 case study

I finally met her at the Wine Bloggers Conference in October and immediately knew we dipoma members of the same wine tribe — she is equally as passionate and geeky about wine as I am! It consists of a tasting portion and diploa theory portion.

So — what am I going to do after my exam on Wednesday? Even though all questions on the exam come from the actual Unit 2 textbook, I found the supplemental readings invaluable. Unit 2 DOs DO read the suggested readings.