Writers Workshop Regular Forums. It is not a shameful thing. But, it found out that it actually wasn’t pregnant and basically said “Shut it down”. Although the tampon tax may not seem like a life or death situation, the struggle to afford feminine care is just that. But they survived anyway, i dont think that tampons should be free because its a luxury ware! Pads and tampons can be quite expensive and girls can’t help it that they are going through extreme amounts of pain and are bleeding uncontrollably.

It is not a shameful thing. Should my choice as a woman of being sanitary really be taxed as a luxury? This is done through the use of pads, tampons, panty liners, or menstrual cups. This proves that feminine hygiene meets and possibly exceeds the expectations of what is considered a necessity. These feminine hygiene products allow a woman to go through her day without bleeding all over the place. I have access to everything I need to manage my menstrual health and hygiene. Skip to toolbar Sites at Penn State.

And they are presuasive taxed, as the government regards them as medically necessary. The pink tax needs to be repealed as soon as possible, period.

tampon tax persuasive essay

Or maybe I should get food for free because I need it. If they’re not made free at least, they should be less expensive. Every 28 days, my body sheds the lining of my uterus. This is a normal thing, and a natural thing, and a common thing, and it should be able to be discussed as such.

The Pink Tax Needs to be Repealed, Period | Teen Ink

And when they buy tampons with what little extra money they have, they are taxed for it as a luxury good. The risk of vaginal and reproductive tract infections may increase during menstruation, which is why feminine hygiene products are so important and necessary for a women’s health and well-being.


We already get condoms for free at the health department. Every women has a right to the basic needs of her body, which must be respected. I agree that we women can’t help the fact that we menstruate. My persuasive essay topic will be on the infamous tampon tax.

Now, when I think of luxury, I think of an expensive perfume, or a vacation, or a Lily Pulitzer dress; basically, I think of something that I choose to buy, or choose to have. I like this 0.

tampon tax persuasive essay

Should my choice as a woman of being sanitary really be taxed as a luxury? This article has 0 comments. While these exemptions vary tampln state to state, it should be universally understood that by taxing tampons, governments are taxing biological processes directly. Women are forced to pay thousands of dollars for something completely out of their control and on top of that, the luxury tax proves that sexism still exists in our country.

Some may argue that the tampon tax outrage is blown out of proportion because the tax does not significantly affect anyone financially.

We can all just go without pads, tampons, and liners until men get so uncomfortable by sight and smell of blood everywhere, they give in and make products free, or at least lower the price. One effect of this stigma, of this awkwardness when it comes to talking about periods, is the lack of advocacy when it comes to feminine hygiene products.


I mean, we gotta clean our asses to avoid embarrassment, stains etc. It’s just morally right I suppose. Not only is this a sexist tax that unfairly affects only women, but it also singles out low-income women especially. I should be able to buy tampons from the Huddle without being embarrassed.

No woman asks for a period. It can also be as early as 8 years old. However, in third world countries where not even food or water is funded, it would make minimal sense to fund feminine hygiene products.

Tampon Tax

If not, I’d just ask sssay to consider the undue burden that this tax is on women, especially low-income women, and consider if we, as a country, should label feminine hygiene products as a luxury, and to consider the effects of this “luxury label” on the stigma of menstruation. Related Opinions Assisted suicide: Send Us Site Feedback. If they tax biological processes specific only to women, then government might as well impose a tax on a uterus.

Making them free just isn’t a good investment. There are shelters built specifically for women, but how often do you see those? But, I do not choose to have my uterine lining fall out of my vagina every 28 days.