University of Michigan Press. Additionally, this practice ensured the strongest lineages were reproducing, thus guaranteeing a continuation in strong Spartan children. Although the ability to grow hair long may seem like an insignificant rite of passage, it symbolised the freedom for the Spartan males from the strict rules they had been subjected to as children. It is widely held that their main role was the subjugation of helots, specifically by removing those who showed signs of charisma, strength, intelligence or any other qualities considered to be unfitting for their social standing. This was done by the elders rather than the father of the child as they represented the community as a whole. The krypteia was the transitional period into adulthood, which was marked at age twenty when a Spartan male became an eiren Moore, , meaning that they were eligible for military service.

Whilst other poleis employed the Oikos System, it was the Spartan women who benefitted from it the most, thus demonstrating their dominance and authority in regards to the Spartan household. Spartan women led a completely different life than. This custom was one of the markers of progress to distinguish between the start of the agoge at age seven, and the boys aged twelve Pettersson, As well as the actual ball playing itself, another significant aspect of the Gymnopaedia was the nudity. Another article that looks at the education of Spartan youth. Education and Culture in Ancient Sparta.

This is interesting albeit off task. The Wedding in Ancient Athens. Women in Ancient Greece. This rite of passage illustrates not only the importance placed upon women in regards to continuing the strong Spartan legacy, but also the revered nature of having children.

The Role of the Spartan Education System, the Agoge Essay

Cartledge speaks of the “institution of ritualised pederasty” in which twelve year olds are given a “young adult. Moreover, as well as improving the initiates physically, they also would have improved their strategic and tactical sesay, characteristics which would have been vital to a military leader. From his twentieth year the Spartan male began the Spartan’s liability to military service and gained his membership to one of the dining messes.


Education in Ancient Times. The training of the young men moved too large school, where they were drilled by older youths in a martial style. This opposes the Spartan belief in ensuring the development of citizen-soldiers.

spartan agoge essay

Thus, while the outward dressing or facade was “Archaic and Laconian,” the content was Athenian stoicism. The gauge was also closely related with The Compendia and The Sarnia, festivals that involved dancing, gymnastics, and athletics.

In addition to this type of helot, the members of the krypteia would also kill any helot on sight at night, which could have been to intimidate the helots, but was more likely to enforce a curfew and deter them from any rebellious behaviour Powell, This dissertation will investigate the religion of Sparta and its impact on everyday life, with a focus on various rites of passage, which affected different members of Spartan society.

spartan agoge essay

Review This article is a review of The Gymnasium of Virtue: We recall the famous tale of a young boy who had stolen a fox cub and hidden it under his cloak. This may also explain why the bride was left alone in the dark to wait for the groom.

spartan agoge essay

This festival was a rite of passage for Athenian girls to mark their transition from girlhood to adulthood and their availability for marriage Ferrari, Unit 9; Entry 3: The man being chased would have said prayers for the city, and epartan the runners caught him then this was a good omen for the city and Sparta would prosper; if they failed to catch him then it would have meant the opposite Ferrari, Both marriage systems in Sparta illustrate the power and autonomy that Spartan women held in regards to their household, which in turn were beneficial skills to pass onto their children.

Moreover, the State provided incentives for these supposedly perfect biological matches Pomeroy,further highlighting the emphasis on continuing the strong Spartan legacy through strong children, as also discussed in previous sections through various rites of passage.

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Remember me on this computer. Plutarch stated that the aim of the agoge was to teach the young male Spartan obedience, endurance, and how to be successful in battle Plutarch, Agoye. Families in Classical and Hellenistic Greece: This is very similar to the rite boys had to go through when they entered spzrtan agoge; it was a visible representation, for both the young boys and the new brides of their unity and allegiance to their polis.


The review is written by Antony G. This custom was one of the markers of progress to distinguish between the start of the agoge at age seven, and the boys aged twelve Pettersson, This rite was a agote in which a man would have been covered in wool, rather than be naked as was typical for Greek athletes, and the runners would chase and attempt to catch the man Burkert, When the boys were initiated into esxay agoge at age seven, the first rite they had to go through was to cut their hair short Pettersson, The child was also bathed in wine by its mother before this inspection process was conducted, as it was believed to strengthen the children; one suggested agooge for this was that the Spartan mothers knew of the antiseptic properties of wine Collins, The Rites of Passage.

Classical Antiquity, 14 1pp.

Sparta Reconsidered: In Search of the Spartan Agoge

This rite of passage appears to be more beneficial to Spartan culture essa than for the eiren and their military training. This essay compares the system of education in Sparta with that of Nazi Germany. The remaining two rites can be considered as one rite due to their similarity, meaning that there were only two rites of passage for Athenians Parker,