They found that “the debris was composed of small pieces of shiny, metallic material” Roswell crash [1], n. Phil Schneider 1 of 7 Dulce alien confrontation. These beings were identical to the Egyptian gods, and their belief was that these beings came to their land, from their home amongst the stars, disguised as animals with which they were familiar the jackal, the cat et In addition to the far This makes UFO and Roswell almost synonymous. The three main proofs that I will present in this argument that aliens, or extraterrestrial beings, do exist and have been visiting earth are 1 early governmental investigations into UFOs and extraterrestrial beings, 2 abduction and contactee theories and stories and 3 an individual account from Phil Schneider, who worked for the United States government as an engineer building underground bases and his personal encounter with large gray aliens.

What did the government want to cover? Frightened by what they saw, the rest of Walton’s co-workers fled the scene, leaving him behind. This investigation sucked in many other interested parties seeking for answers. One of the two people first examined the body. I am convinced that, there is an absolute truth.

I have gathered many sources and have come to the conclusion that UFOs do exist. In addition to the far This left no explanation for the strange sighting.

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According to the results of their hypnosis therapy, Betty and Barney Hill described what the aliens did to them. All of a sudden it starts to rain. argumenttive


roswell incident argumentative essay

Remember that UFO means unidentified flying object. If they wanted to cover the fact that aliens came to earth, why did they let the show air to the public? Lastly, he cut open the scull and took out the brain. Many comments from users on YouTube. Giving little thought to the strange occurrence, Mac Brazel went back to sleep and decided to inspect the damage in the morning.

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There exists documentation from the United States government of its investigations into the UFO phenomenon as well as the possible existence of extraterrestrial beings from other planets and solar systems. While some of the MJ 12 documents may have been debunked as phonies or fakes, some of the other ones are supposedly authentic. Project Blue Book is another government sponsored investigation of flying saucers and the possibility of extraterrestrials.

The cool roswel, refreshes you. Brazel knew that the pieces appeared to be very strange, so Testing in Roswell, New Mexico 1. Haut had issued a statement on July 8, stating that the military had taken possession of a flying saucer.

Travis Walton interview The Betty and Barney Hill abduction.

UFO and Roswell

Choose Type of service Writing Rewriting Editing. There is argmuentative evidence pointing to the fact that there are aliens present in the uni It is my personal belief that extraterrestrial bodies are present in this Universe and have landed on earth.

roswell incident argumentative essay

This investigation started in and was closed in ” U. The episode was a mix of humor, embarrassment, fact and fiction.


roswell incident argumentative essay

Soon after that he notified the sheriff. Now people are interested in this mysterious phenomenon. Kodak film company has done their argujentative testing on the actual film on which the footage had been filmed. Walton exits the truck and approaches the craft only to be hit by a beam of light and left apparently unconscious on the ground http: Army reveals it has flying disc found on ranch in New Mexico.

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Some individuals and organizations have claimed that the United States government has been participating in a massive cover-up and know about aliens. Life on Other planets.

When they turned around, a very tall slender humanoid-like being emitted a bright light from his stick and thats when he and his brother blacked out. There is so much to learn about UFOs and other outer space sightings. It is not a hoax or false claim, but rather a known event that is thoroughly documented. While UFO sightings and extraterrestrial encounters cases such as Collier, Meier and Adamski are highly publicized, there are some cases that are not.

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