You can Email him via,mail urgentloan22 gmail. Hopefully my application can go smooth with your letter template: Is the information in this post always up-to-date? The intake now open for applications till 30 May Tan Chun Wei 15 October at

Unknown March 4, at 1: I’ve shared my experience on the process of application of PTPTN Repayment Exemption in my university and I know some of you are came from other university, so I’m here to blog again the general process. Let’s take a look at the answers to both. Thanx Xavier for really good info and post the official letter, hope my application success soon Because I applied payment hold for diploma loan due continue study, but when I apply exemption for degree after 3 years they asked me to pay my diploma loan outstanding RM7, from time being, total RM20, only they will proceed my application. If you still haven’t attend your convocation, you still can’t start to apply, be patient until you’ve complete your convocation ya! The borrower shall submit a fully completed application to PTPTN within twelve 12 months from the date of graduation during convocation.

official application letter ptptn exemption

The attached letter is exactly the one I submitted for my application. All the best for your application. I got first class degree and I was applied the exemption ptptn loan, and thanks god finally I received the approved letter from PTPTN last 2 days. Best wishes, Xaivier Chia. And is it given on the same day of the graduation ceremony?

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I have a question. Appreciate for the write up. Great news for fellow students who are interested to work in the aviation industry, especially in piloting! Application letter for exemptiion loan exemption – Tuesday, September 18, Hope u guys can help me to clear my doubt It’s best if you complete the process in the first application but if you don’t it’s okay!

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Really thanks alot for all the info. We’ve worked really hard for it after all right? So, do you think I should start my repayment first? I’m a recent graduate from MMU and this is very helpful. Because I found that I lost my copy.

And so far, I do not hear about “hand writting” matter. I am so happy for a moment. Anonymous 23 November at Yong Lian Hii 16 July, Some people suggest that you’d include No.

But today when Exsmption try to check my loan balance in ptptn e-fes, I found that my loan balance still remain unchange, not yet 0. Blogger January 19, at However, after 6 months you will have to repay based on the amount agreed in your agreement. I graduated from Monash University Malaysia and all I had to do is tell them I am applying for exemptions and they prepared all the documents for me.


official application letter ptptn exemption

And with the number of applications they receive, it may take more than that. Therefore, I would like to recommend the official PTPTN forum for you to get more reliable and up-to-date information. Hope this makes it clear: Share to Twitter Share to Facebook.

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You need to keep it safely and use it as a proof in case somebody asks you to pay your loan again. Do I neet to get a conforming letter from Uni’s academic director?

Where else can i get? It’s a very standard procedure and Ptpt hope everyone who is qualified can get their exemptions too!

official application letter ptptn exemption

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