It was exciting to walk through the woods, stopping to figure out where we were, then look down and be surprised to see a turtle right at our feet. Thesis are due to the psychology department chair at least one week preferable two before the graduate school deadline. We would occasionally go off the beaten path and try to force our way through the thick growth of the woods where trees and thorns scratched our faces, arms, legs, and bodies. Please Add Menu from here. Apply Now Already Applied? Examples of works by both students and faculty are included. Is any financial assistance available for my thesis?

This display includes both unpublished creative work as well as published work in the form of books and articles. Faculty members have varying schedules in the summer and take their vacations at different times. Our first Dinner and a Movie was a huge success! Dates for the thesis to be submitted to the graduate office vary from semester to semester. After meeting my Honors thesis advisor, Matt Klukowski, we soon began brainstorming about topics for my project. This proposal is vetted through a committee consisting of the advisor, a representative from the Honors Faculty, and a representative from the Honors College dean or associate dean.

You might be able, however, to get private foundations to help you. You will need to make any required changes and, if required, resubmit to the chair mtus approval before submitting it to the graduate office.

This experience provides invaluable preparation and a competitive edge to students applying to graduate or professional schools.

While it could be rough going at times, I would do it all over again for the chance to learn about what is now my favorite animal—the box turtle. A temporary grade of incomplete I may be given if the student is not graduating at the end of the semester and hobors to complete the project during the following semester.


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Available from the APA. When current students are preparing a thesis for submission, the Honors College will provide a form for the mtsuu to sign acknowledging the institutional repository as a platform for accessing the thesis online. The Student Affairs and Travel Sub-Committee of the Graduate Council will consider applications shortly after receipt and awards will be made until existing funds for the semester are exhausted.

Thesis honos Dissertation Manual. I loved the chance to interact with the turtles and see the personalities of each one.

Apply Now Already Applied? The applicant must be currently enrolled during the semester of travel. One way is to visit http: It was also during these first few visits that we began to tinker with our methods and recording sheets since one cannot always predict everything needed until actually getting out in the field.

Trailing the Illusive Box Turtle; Worth All the Blood, Sweat, and Tears

The purpose of the thesis or project is to prepare the student for graduate or professional school, to provide an opportunity for the student to complete a scholarly or creative project of significant proportions, and to gain a new perspective on knowledge by becoming a contributor to the recognized knowledge honora a particular field of study. Ronda Sullivan, College of Graduate Studies Scholars Day is a fantastic opportunity for students to display their Honors research projects!

To honore latter end, one of the roles of the College of Graduate Studies is theeis evaluate the scholarly content of theses and dissertations that are submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for graduate degrees awarded by MTSU. The thesis archives prior toare printed copies maintained in Special Collections 4th floor of the James E. A thesis is a research project that you develop, implement, and write up using the format of a standard empirical research study in psychology.


Allow at least one week from when your proposal honorss given to your chair or your committee, before planning to meet with your chair or committee.

mtsu honors thesis proposal

For financial aid purposes, it is important that you are putting in a commensurate amount of effort for the number of thesis credits for which you are enrolled. In spite proopsal all the literal blood, sweat, and tears, it was one of the most worthwhile experiences I have ever had.

mtsu honors thesis proposal

We wanted to know under what circumstances this portable shield was utilized. This is an important function of the Graduate College; thus, the dean of the College of Graduate Studies has final approval authority for each thesis and dissertation. TAGS honorsresearch.

At every stage, consult with your Thesis Advisor, and if necessary, your Committee Member. Set up msu meeting with your thesis committee to get their comments and decision on approval of your proposal. You need 3 hours with a “S” to complete your thesis. After meeting my Honors thesis advisor, Thesls Klukowski, we soon began brainstorming about topics for my project. Paul Fosterwho specializes in neuropsychologygoes over data with students.

Where can I get statistical help for my thesis? Propossal a study to test your hypothesis es. The mission of the MTSU College of Graduate Studies is to enhance the scholarly experience of all graduate students and to help them achieve their academic goals, while maintaining academic standards. These are also cataloged and depicted with the red arrow in the image here.