In the quiet but quirky mid-Ontario Anishnawbe Ojibwa community of Otter Lake, Chief Maggie Second is trying to juggle several platefuls of steaming hassle. Every page kept me wanting more. And boy do you have a story. Her constituents all have ideas about what to do with the property. All I can say is that if I was given the chance to ride that motorcycle – no way am I turning it down!

Jan 23, Liz rated it really liked it Shelves: Observations from a Blue-Eyed Ojibway Penticton: Oddly enough, the thing his mother is most proud of is his ability to make spaghetti from scratch. Jan 29, Jennifer G rated it liked it. Until the day a handsome stranger pulls up astride a Indian Chief motorcycle — and turns Otter Lake completely upside down. All the Aboriginal stuff made me really happy, I mean I’m not Native myself or anything, but I do enjoy learning about their ways and stuff. Now they talk about him.

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The writer depicted the matured attitude of Virgil. Literature Review Dissertation chapter: In the end, John is confronted by Wayne, who accuses him directly of be- ing Nanabush,31 and he almost admits to this, as he will later when he talks to Virgil: That said, there was great humour throughout -in Hayden Taylor’s dry style- I chuckled out loud in quite a few places.

Robert Faggen New York: I think she wanted you to understand some of what she felt growing up. This situation disturbs Virgil considerably. Just the fact that no one knew who he exsay made it that much better.


Retrieved May 22,motorcyfles https: They don’t necessarily mean the same thing”. The details of tension and interplay ahd modern Canadian culture European and aboriginal weave perfectly into a tale that feels timeless and universal.

To further complicate matters, this stranger walks right into motorcyckes grandmother’s house and her bedroom as though he was family.

Being a curious teenager, Vir His mother is the band chief, his grandmother, a respected elder, is dying, and he’s related to half the members of Otter Lake, Virgil doesn’t imagine that life could be any more difficult for an Anishnawbe teenager.

Along the way, he encounters Virgil – a boy who is just finding out who he is, and his mother, the overly-busy Band Chief who seems to have forgotten who she was.

Life on a contemporary First Nations reserve, the implications of residential schools, interactions with the various levels of government, the differing opinions within the reservation residents about how their future should look – Hayden Taylor covers a lot of ground in this book.

Motorcycles and Sweetgrass is a bit of a silly book- but I think this is precisely the point of the story.

motorcycles and sweetgrass essay topics

It is during this meal, attended by Maggie, the young man, and Virgil, that Virgil becomes unmistakeably aware that the young man has set his sights on Maggie and also warns Virgil not to get in his way. At the end, I found myself wanting to learn more about Nanabush and I was also thinking about the believers vs the non believers in the book.


Kinda felt like Sammy was a loose end that wasn’t tidied up to my satisfaction. As for her religion, Lillian has somehow managed to find a compromise between traditional Native spirituality and Christianity.

Want to get a price estimate for your Essay? Crows never had much intestinal fortitude, the rider thought. And it turns out that the raccoons are willing to lend a hand.

motorcycles and sweetgrass essay topics

Two scenes remain in my mind: Observations from a Blue-Eyed Ojibway, 3—8. But he is more human than most humans, he has al their nobility, and all their faults — magnified.

Motorcycles & Sweetgrass by Drew Hayden Taylor

Tlpics is immediately taken with him and invites him to her place a little later for a thank you meal. I thought Virgil was kinda weak and lame son, but at least he tried.

motorcycles and sweetgrass essay topics

I’m glad this book was Canadian! Every page kept me wanting more.

Motorcycles & Sweetgrass by Drew Hayden Taylor

Help Center Find new research papers in: En sus propias palabras: I feel grateful to have chanced on this gem, finding it calling to me from one of those free libraries perched on motlrcycles neighbours lawn.

Trickster, Jim Logan and the Classical Canon. He has traveled to sixteen countries around the world, spreading the gospel of Native literature to the world.