The researcher contacted them and agreed on the time of administering the questionnaire which was made through several follow-ups until the questionnaires were administered to them. Kalsi analyzed the terms and conditions of work in the Matatu industry in Kenya. In many high-income world urban areas, urban transport planning is based upon various principles that may be generally characterized as seeking to encourage public transport use, walking and cycling as an alternative to the automobile. Paul Gamba and Isaac Komo According to Kamau , the government should involve the insurers in the process of fixing the premiums to be charged. This was based on the analyzed facts in quantitative analysis where numerical values were used to explain the effects of independent variables on dependent variables. A review in Coughlin, P.

Research Data The table 4. Data from low income countries consistently demonstrate that communities living furthest from roads experience higher levels of poverty, lower levels of school attendance and worse health outcome. Various attempts by the government to regulate the industry failed to make any serious impact. Improving Tax Compliance in the Informal Sector: Research Data From figure 4. Niyonsenga studied public transport supply for Kigali, Rwanda.

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To attain a higher stability and efficiency, the matatu owner managers must ensure that the resources they tuesis are prudently used and proper records kept. They come in the form of government ministries, departments and regulatory authorities.

Some of the aspects thesus training programme evaluation form for the trainees were the relevance of course to the needs of the trainees, the course objectives, and htesis content.

The main intention of the scheme was to try to facilitate access to funds by the Matatu owners to purchase new and second hand vehicles. The government is therefore required to come up with ways of dealing with the corrupt police officers.


Thus, it is rare to conceive a situation over space where transportation does not play a notable role in the life of any individual or society at large. Research Data 3. The concerned parties should ensure that road safety rules and regulations are enforced in order to reduce corruption among the traffic police and increase efficiency in this thesos. From the literature review, the study established that several scholars had reviewed the concepts of factors affecting performance of matatu saccos.

According to Illes paratransit operations are characterized by flexible fares, unscheduled operations and semi fixed routes.

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As one of thhesis requirement of my course, I am carrying out to examine: Young people need to be encouraged to form partnerships to enable them purchase higher capacity PSVs which are more profitable to operate.

Gender Relations in Public Transport in Africa: This means that, there is significant of educated investors and operators of matatu business sector which may lead to efficient and effective running of the business. The individuals who were involved in answering the questionnaires answered the questions based from their opinions but not from the existing facts in the organization.

The third party formaat 14 and 25 seater ranges between Kshs. Special thanks to my lecturers, my researcher supervisor Mr. Throughout the world, increasing traffic congestion threatens economic growth.

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It was evidenced that most of the Matatu SACCOs do not train their employees on managerial and entrepreneurial skills on regular basis, owners of the Matatu SACCOs rarely attend seminars and workshops and they also rarely conduct market research. The questionnaires were distributed to individual persons in the categories.

Kenya Institute of Policy Analysis and Research. In Kenya, the classification of enterprises is primarily done by the number of employees engaged by firms.


Those firms that engage less than 10 employees are referred to as micro- enterprises, those that employ 10 to 49 workers are small-scale enterprises and workers are referred to as the medium enterprises Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis, This involved the use of descriptive statistics mean, frequencies and percentages analysis method to ensure accuracy.

In the urban setting of most developing countries, public transport is run by paratransit operators. Training empowers owners and employers to make better decisions and provide better quality goods and services. Majority of Kenyan s today use public transport as way of linking them from one destination to the other.

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The results are as shown in table 4. These policies are; Tax policy and how it impacts on supply of more PSVs to meet the transport demand, business operations and financial viability. Do you train your 20 45 25 10 employees? Africa is striving to industrialize but often, government policies or their absence provoke immense costs and adverse reactions by the formag.

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This stemmed on the premise that, without adequate consideration of social, economic and political conditions of public transport service, sustainable development cannot be realized. The researcher produced the copies of theeis research introduction letter from the Mount Kenya University which gave the respondents confidence in giving out the information.

A paper prepared for the Centre for Governance and Development. The government has set in place some formal regulatory bodies for both the roads and the users of the roads.