Solution to Exercise 3. Be able to determine the potential value of additional information. Feasible region is unbounded. Player B prefers the minimax strategy b1 to limit its maximum loss to no more than 4. Below is a screen capture of an Excel Spreadsheet Solver model for this problem.

If s1 then d1 ; if s2 then d1 or d2; if s3 then d2 b. Solution to Exercise 4. Be able to convert any maximization or minimization problem into its associated canonical form. This is an expected increase of viewers for Station A. Time in line to buy groceries e.

Minimal Spanning Tree The moving averages method weights the last n homswork values equally in determining the forecast.

This would involve 25 hours of overtime or extra processing time. On the Insert menu, click Rows 22 3.

math 4650 homework #1 solutions

Do not include “all others” for parts fgand i. Give two reasons why the median age could rise. A positive number change attitude indicates that a teacher’s attitude toward math became more positive.

What does it mean when a data set has a standard deviation equal to zero? Chapter 1 Introduction Learning Objectives 1. Let A be the event that there are at least two tails.


If the data was recorded incorrectly perhaps a 9 was miscoded and the correct value was 6 then the data should be corrected. The average weight gain for the two weeks b.

The exponential smoothing forecast is preferred because it has a smaller MSE. Models usually have time, cost, and risk advantages over experimenting with actual situations. Because the optimal solution occurs at the intersection of constraints 1 and 2, these are binding constraints. Station B prefers the minimax strategy b3 to limit its maximum loss to no more than 7.

This service is probably much better than necessary with average waiting time only 24 seconds. Do parts a and c of this problem this give the same answer?

math 4650 homework #1 solutions

B 0,12 ,0 A c. Risk analysis would be helpful in evaluating the probability of a loss.

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Refer to the graphical solution in part b. The value of the optimal solution to the revised problem is 8 2. Bloom 1 Exercise 1. The correct statement is: The formulation in part c is an unconstrained problem.

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If the worst-case scenario, build a small-size center If the base-case scenario, build a medium-size center If the best-case scenario, build a large-size center Using the consultant’s original probability assessments for each scenario, 0.


The finishing and packaging and shipping constraints are binding. With others in your class, you will maath toward the common goal of learning this material.

Add the part-worths for Antonio’s Pizza for each consumer in the Salem Foods’ consumer panel. Organize the data into a chart with five intervals of equal width. Amount of body fat c.

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The new optimal solution would increase the copies assigned to Benson printing to 30, Be able to analyze a simple decision analysis problem from both a payoff table and decision tree point of view. A mixed-strategy solution with a value of the game between -1 and 2 exists.

The first bolt increases the pressure bythe second bolt increases the