Timeline to possible acceptance Journals can take 1 to 3 months or longer to review a paper. Abstract, Introduction, Case Report sometimes broken up into different sections of a patient encounter , and Discussion sometimes with a dedicated Conclusion section. The revisions that reviewers ask for will benefit your target audience and improve the content and clarity of your report. I welcome correspondences—concise and quick. If timing is an issue e.

Choosing a format and the associated reviewing journal guidelines are important in determining the target length of your write-up. When performing a literature search, it is very important to keep a list of search terms and create a spreadsheet organizing information that has already been reported about your case. This is a normal apprenticeship; learn from them and thank them for their work. Always check who the current editor is. Obtaining either one of these can take time or may be very difficult for you as a student. Then, narrow the focus to the case at hand. Be very careful with what you write in the cover letter.

When submitting a report—by that measure, any scientific submission—consider what yours adds to existing literature.

I really think you should publish this paper: the cover letter to the editor

What is the most frequent non-formatting mistake you see authors make in case report submissions? If the authors have outcome, techniques, cautionary notes and perspectives to provide as well, then a longer form naturally makes sense.

Choosing a target journal Choosing a journal is critical. Additionally, once your case is submitted and accepted for publication in a journal, you may forfeit the ability to present it at non-affiliated conferences or venues in the future. As outlined in the Society of Interventional Radiology Bylaws, the FSIR designation shall be granted ldtter members of the Society who have made a significant contribution s to the field of interventional radiology and to the society.


Aim to be brief and concise.

I depend upon readers to point out interesting issues in publications, from methodological jvi, their differing perspectives, or helping us catch author misconduct. Read the instructions for authors and download four to six recently published case coveg from your target journal. Upon completing a thorough literature search, cvoer is a good idea to regroup with your team and consult your mentor.

A dedicated case report-type manuscript will include the following elements: Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Fellowship is one of the most prestigious honors granted to SIR’s Members jvirr International Associate Members, and is the ultimate recognition of professional achievement.

Novelty, interest, and potential impact are essential. This is useful to reviewers, editors, and, ultimately, the readers. Then summarize pertinent literature. When an author is considering submitting a case report to JVIR, how would you recommend guiding their decision of which format to use for their submission?

Support Center Support Center. What is the most frequent mistake authors make when submitting comments on previously published articles? For instance, you may focus on incorporating recent case reports into your discussion or highlighting a unique aspect of your case that adds something new. Do not be superficial and silly. De-identify the data and crop or blur patient names from radiologic images.

jvir cover letter

Additional questions and answers with Dr. Ideally, try to find case reports that closely tie to your case of interest at least the same organ system or broad type of procedure.

jvir cover letter

Many cases in Interventional Radiology are reported because the team took a unique procedural approach in a patient whose problem was difficult or impossible to resolve with the standard approach.


It should be no longer than words. Humor is dangerous and should be left well alone. Introduction Set the generic stage and tone of the article by writing broadly and providing background information about the topic. Identify the gaps in literature, or points that bear re-emphasis, convince yourself, and explain them briefly as needed.

Society of Interventional Radiology- Become an FSIR

This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial License 3. Make it easy for the editors to re-review your paper—we jir appreciate it. Individuals practicing outside of the United States shall have the option of applying as for the FSIR designation under either the Member or International Associate categories.

Sponsors should be encouraged to provide detail in their letters of the candidate’s accomplishments.

How to Write a Case Report

For example, if you want your case report to be accepted within 4 months, then you probably want to stray from a journal that takes 3 months to return a decision on a paper.

Choosing a format and the associated letter journal guidelines are important in determining the target length of your write-up. As a general rule, more weight will be given to letters that provide substantial information as opposed to brief or pro-forma letters. Ziv Haskal, Editor in Chief of JVIR Attending physicians and residents are often the best initial sources lettet students to gauge if a patient case is reportable: