Should this virus increase its transmission rate we could be looking at a scenario where a billion or more people contract the virus around the world. I believe that information located elsewhere in this Essay e. The data is startling and confirms a clear conclusion. There exists in this world powerful forces pushing us toward the full expression of a background totalitarian scheme embracing all life-forms. There is a possibility, however, of gene transfer from B. The industry asserts it is minimally toxic to humans, but here we argue otherwise.

And Monsanto, backed by the US Government, is setting out to do this through its genetically manipulated GM seeds and its pesticides and weedicides. Manure is an organic substance obtained from the decomposition of plant or animal wastes. Geological Survey found this herbicide in rivers in the Midwest, and the U. Too many of one species is like an unbalanced infestation and infection, and so small wonder that monocultures are subject to the ravages of disease and linked to human disease outbreaks. Sulfometuron appears to be similar to glyphosate in terms of its residual nature, at the very least.

Select three equal sized seedlings out of these. A variety of studies have shown that B.

essay on weedicides

No acute inhalation toxicity studies are available. CYP enzymes play crucial roles in biology, one of which is to detoxify xenobiotics. Just last year [] the CDC reported a rate of 1 in 88, which represented a 23 percent increase sinceand 78 percent since In the process, they may ruin our food supply, destroy biodiversity and wefdicides pandemics of drug and antibiotic resistant infectious diseases.

Essay on weedicides

But the presence of edsay toxin in human blood shows that this does not happen Sharma We conclude that phosphate application can cause system pH change with various extents in the soil, which subsequently contribute to glyphosate mobility in different degree Zhao, et.

However 11 months post-application in the following winter season, Salmonella spp.


essay on weedicides

Environmental toxicologist Christian Khalil tested the water on human cells and told Australian Story whatever was in it was toxic to skin, liver and lung cells ABC News Mark Donohoe, has suggested:. Transboundary contamination of native forests with easay traits is virtually assured Global Justice Ecology Project, et. There are fundamental differences in the way chemical pesticides are used by the Australian plantation industry compared to agriculture.

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What the following quote shows is that we now cannot stop poisoning future generations and that continually unfolding incidences of adult onset Russian Roulette disease will tragically appear without warning in lives that may not have sustained specific and notably heavy toxic exposures within their experience:. Several investigations have examined the effects of environmental exposures and epigenetic markers, and identified toxicants that modify epigenetic states.

This bad science has become both master and handmaiden to unaccountable business weedicidea driven solely by profit. And is it changing the immune system of these devils as well.

For example, I esway walk up two streets in a township near here and experience horrible chest pains, while not experiencing those pains at all along other streets. The laboratories have further determined that the toxins appear to originate from a non-native eucalypt Eucalyptus nitens grown in plantation monocultures. They will also undermine every single moral value and ideal that makes us human Ho Although glyphosate alone does not cause an epidemic of chronic kidney disease, it seems to have acquired the ability to destroy the renal tissues of thousands of farmers when it forms complexes with a localized geo environmental factor werdicides and nephrotoxic metals Jayasumana, et.

So the diseases are transmitting more easily in some cases. This gives rise to a paradoxical situation: If substantial differences in the proportion of soluble endotoxins in different work environments is confirmed in future studies, the contribution of non- soluble endotoxins must be taken into consideration56 Paba, et. Pathway… Air transport then inhalation… Agitation of composting material causes the release of airborne microorganisms and dust. If a spray contractor follows current label rates for glyphosate, this may be far more toxic in fire damaged landscapes than previously realised.


essay on weedicides

Consequently, it got into rivers, streams and drinking water. The latest statistics released by the CDC on March 20 show that 1 in 50 children in the US now fall within the autism spectrum2,3, with a 5: Soil supplies mineral nutrients to the crop. It is a gradualistic scheme in terms weedicidew its expression over extended time, and it takes on many forms.

Essay on weedicides.

The refugee fungus, named Beauveria bassiana, occurs naturally in soils throughout the world and has been employed by mankind as a biological insecticide to control a variety of pests. If I wear a good quality chemical filter in a respirator, I will not experience those pains in those two streets at all. If all environments integrate and are essentially seamless enabling continuous communication, why would we ever conclude that there is an impassable barrier that prevents endotoxin or GMO-infused particulates from exiting a GMO plantation tree and becoming airborne a bit like the myths that demand that Bifenthrin — a synthetic pyrethroid termiticide — and also glyphosate stay put once applied see: My asthma is not aggravated in this plantation setting, but respiratory mucous production and joint pains certainly are.

The letter goes on to assert that the technology is safe, and will not result in the escape of genes into wild tree populations. Every day there are new stories of companies buying up farmlands.