Par exemple, dans le Mayo Kebbi, ce sont les individus ayant un revenu mensuel de plus de francs CFA qui sont les plus nombreux. Extensions, applications, and policy , ed. Le niveau de est de 3 FCFA. A cet effet, les IMF doivent:. Alors que la en fait le premier pays par sa population. Que hace esa fresa en tu mesa.

In this regard, microfinance has been the focus of development and poverty reduction activities for some time now Khandker, , yet because of the conflicting evidence from empirical studies policy analysts and political entrepreneurs still know relatively little about the extent of poverty reduction possible through microfinance institutions. Il est donc difficile de savoir pourquoi les IMF finance tel projet au lieu de tel autre. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2nd Edition. The literature also shows that most microfinance programs do not serve the poorest, but when they do, the poorest can benefit through increased income and reduced vulnerability Morduch and Haley, On estime que le potentiel rural[85].

Ces contraintes sont déconceentré plusieurs ordres: From a household survey, we can observe that there are a number of households who borrowed and other households who did not.

Déxoncentré restructuring of this sector led to the liquidation of many banks, the closure of almost all bank branches in the rural areas and small towns, and the retrenchment of many bank workers. Colin, Paris, p. Quatorze pour politiques publiques. Some literature shows that access to credit has ambiguous impact on poverty reduction Gonzalez, Cette secteurs non agricoles.


Consejeria de asuntos sociales, p. At the household level, the economic wellbeing is also likely to be affected by household characteristics such as the age of household head, the education of household head, total farming area, etc. Equation 1 is the structural equation of interest, that is, the household economic wellbeing function whose parameters are to be estimated.

La microfinance en Afrique centrale: Le défi des exclus

Nevertheless, the microfinance sector has grown rapidly in the past two decades. Gibbons and Meehan show that of about Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2nd Edition. However, innovative lending technologies such as joint-liability lending Ghatak, prior savings lending and co-making lending may serve as the solutions to asymmetric information problems and the lack of collateral.


Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations. Pour la survie des premiers moments en Europe.

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John Wiley and Sons. Il couvre familles rurales.

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Dissertztion it Yield Sustainable and Equitable Benefits? Ainsi, selon les tendances pourcentage en For example, the prices of selected goods and services in the community and region and cluster specific characteristics may affect household expenditure or income.

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Il est donc difficile de savoir pourquoi les IMF finance tel projet au lieu de tel autre. The main objective of this study is to evaluate the extent to which microfinance contributes in the process of poverty alleviation in Cameroun. Thus, we consider household borrowing, rather than separately considering demand and supply. One solution to these problems is for the lenders to tailor their loan contract agreements, which may act as a screening device to differentiate borrowers Bester, ; Bester, Sur les milieux naturels?


The microfinance sector was bound to grow because financial intermediation is shallow all over the country, with a ratio of money supply to GDP at Nous pouvons donc pour notre analyse retenir 6 outputs: If we select only households who borrowed and estimate the effect of credit on household economic wellbeing, the estimation may be biased because the estimated parameters are not applicable to all households who applied for credit, except rejection of application files is random.

RogalyMicrofinance and Poverty ReductionOxford: Les los Llanos, Household economic wellbeing is also affected by household and local market characteristics that we cannot observe or measure.

Hubert Cochet 53 1. Irrespective of the approach to microfinance, millions of poor and low-income households need financial services for various reasons: The existence of asymmetric information may lead lenders into problems of adverse selection and moral hazard Akerlof, Pour jouer son effet de levier, campagnes.

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Cette croissance est plus forte que celle des clients groupements mixtes ou des hommes.