Ellie Tooth 13 October at Throughout this novella, Steinbeck addresses key theme, for example discrimination, loneliness and the American Dream. Having trouble finding the perfect essay? I would recommend you open your essay by framing the attitudes of men at the time Steinbeck sets the novel and offer examples of this in the text. Model of consumer decision making? The way in which Steinbeck has written reinforces the fact that stereotypes or preconceptions against women are not always true, and that despite facades of all sorts, everyone has his or her own story.

In fact, she only married Curley to get away from her mother. It’s really short as you will have noticed so won’t take you long to read. We start to see that she is more of a victim. I would appreciate it if you could give me some adivice on my essay. Her presence is almost nomadic; she wonders around the whole ranch, seeking company and then parting.

Her presence is almost nomadic; she wonders around the whole ranch, seeking company and then parting. Posted by CornwallJ at Good luck and let us know how you get on. Sympayhy is very jealous and protective towards his wife.

Curley’s Wife and Female Stereotype

This is done to show that she does not have any identity or position on the ranch. Lastly, Curley’s wife enters the stable. Also think about how women are first represented and who does this – what attitude does Candy prejudice us with from the start and what is the significance of the language he uses?


curleys wife sympathy essay

Curlfys essay has been submitted by a student. Sumaiya Akhtar 18 October at Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? This book is set on a ranch in Soledad, California.

curleys wife sympathy essay

Your Answer is very helpful for Us Thank you a lot! I have the same controlled assessment and I’m in Year 10 so it looks like everyone I think in the UK is doing it. How does a consumer make his or her decision?

Cirleys use of body language is in a flirtatious and provocative way.

Taking Ezsay Castle of Otranto as your example, outline the main conventions. When we and George and Lennie are first introduced to her, Steinbeck takes a long time to describe her. Prior to this scene, readers only know what the other men say about her.

The assessment criteria will be ever so slightly different if you are doing a controlled assessment but not massively. Due to her futuristic view of life, she is able to. The story takes place in the Dust Bowl era, when rough economic times made it hard to find work; two farmhands, George and Lennie, manage to take a job at a ranch.

Also, why does she ‘throw herself forward’? In fact, she only married Curley to get away from her mother.

Of Mice and Men: Example Essay – Curley’s Wife

She feels that she is unwanted and no one cares for her so no one would need to know her name. The in appropriateness of Edna’s behavior throughout the novel. She is used to highlight the racist society and to show the status of black people at that time in America. Her decision to drop out of Rubicam’s Business College creates an inner struggle where Laura’s emotional anguish manifests itself physically: Your time is important.


Steinbeck does this to show that Women got blamed for what the men did even if they had nothing to do with it. By no means does she abide by the standards set for a woman in her time.

curleys wife sympathy essay

The reader agrees with what the men on the ranch think as she may lead to the downfall of George and Lennie. Retrived May 23,from https: Want us to write one just for you? Edna does not benefit those around her in this way, and her death at the end of the novel certainly does not benefit herself. I think this may mean that she is not a major part and as a woman is thought of as insignificant and maybe Steinbeck feels that it is not necessary to name her as it was viewed at the time as she cruleys not need or deserve one.

I think Steinbeck conveys that idea by his description of her.