At the beginning of the year, select one or two books from the Medical Reading list. The portfolio collection reflects a students interest and achievements. Have each student write two – three questions per book on an index card. The students draw an envelope but they do not open it as yet. There are many reasons for including a Round One test, including: Many factors are considered, including the nature of the content, scope of content assessed, program variability from state to state and amount of time lapse between program completion and testing. First I went and found the most headstrong person other than myself who was a less dominant leader, and got them to agree to be on my team.

A semester is usually a good amount of time for the assignment. Facilitate team demonstrations of a simulated HOSA chapter meeting using parliamentary procedure. Depending on the availability of resources, the teacher may assign the topic as homework so students can research the topic. When the portfolio is part of classroom instruction, students are often given a second chance to fix a section until it reaches the standard set by the instructor. Make the topic fun, creative, and related to the areas for review. You can allow students to use the HOSA event rating sheet to evaluate the speeches of their peers.

Take up the assignment and then give the tests to the crsative the next day to complete for a daily grade. Anyway, we won fourth in the category despite giving the exact wrong presentation, so it turned out pretty well in the end.


HOSA in the Classroom.

Instructions and Important Forms. Students can exchange professions but all must be ohsa. Did all the judges who judged a skill end up with the same rating?

Assign the books for out-of-class reading. In the classroom explain they are to put their information onto poster board provided by the teacher.

HOSA Competition- Creative Problem Solving Team – hhsmccaw

What was the value of the activity think globally? Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. However, remember that as the length of the project progresses, the reflections guid as well.

Give students as much time as possible to complete the portfolio. You can help them to create a tremendously good essay by teaching them how to write and rewrite a good essay.

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Use the HOSA Bowl format and buzzer system as a fun method of reviewing for an exam, using the student-created questions. Through this process, the passing standard maintains currency and validity. The resources we were given were general books on problem solving techniques, so we decided to ignore these, which was a pretty drastic lapse in judgement. Remember, this is a review! As a classroom assignment it is often done as a major classroom project.

Have the students rate each other using the HOSA rating sheets found in the guidelines. Posters should be posted in the classroom. How is it the same or different from what I planned to do?


creative problem solving hosa study guide

Write out the process you will use. Hillsboro High School Karaoke Night. Here are just a few: That was a shock.

creative problem solving hosa study guide

If students wish to use this project for future HOSA competition, they would need to assure that the career choice does fall within the guidelines. Post the completed chart in your classroom where students can see the connection between HOSA and the classroom.

The largest bone in the body is the: Try to assign each student or group a different topic. This is good for an intro to a unit.

Invite professionals from the health care community to judge classroom presentations. On the other hand, this is a great classroom assignment that can also provide positive recognition for students through state and national HOSA conferences.

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How did that feel? You will post each reflection for this activity to this page.

The HOSA website at contains sample pages for each criteria to give the novice an idea of what the portfolio should look like.