A scoring key is provided for the answers to the reading questions. University of Jyvaskyla Press. These results echo those reported by Norton and Starfield The lack of significance for these results should not be attributed to the power limitations that are often associated with non-parametric tests. One reference to infor- mation not presented in the test was found in the no-choice group.

This weekend feels like the right time to take a walking tour of your favourite part of Winnipeg! Fitzpatrick and Yen made some of the same observations in their investigation of the psychometric characteristics of choice items on the reading portion of the Maryland School Performance Assessment Program. The bulk of research focused solely on the role of prior knowl- edge. It is likely that the use of the domain of study to define background knowledge yields somewhat different results than does the use of pre-teaching or self-assessment. Male students tended to choose easier items and thereby gained an advantage. The implications of these different choice patterns are unclear. Lace up and launch out on one of these walking tours around Winnipeg.

Through this design the researchers could com- pare the performance of the test-takers on tasks which the test-takers had previously defined as high or low preference. Prior to making their choice, the test-takers had been asked to indicate their preferences for each of 20 possible topics from which their top- ics would be drawn.

Copyright Paragon Testing Enterprises Understanding Reading 1: On this writing test the test-taker is offered sajple choice of two cel.

Speaking Skills Task 4: Journal of Educational Measurement 32, — The con- founding effect of task difficulty found in other studies of choice in testing was not a factor in this study. The bulk of research focused solely on the role of prior knowl- edge. V Discussion and conclusions In terms of the first and central research question, the results of this study demonstrate that there is no significant difference in the per- formance of test-takers who had a choice of topic as compared with those who had no choice on the four dependent variables measured.


Given our knowledge of language proficiency, it is quite vael that the choice mechanism does not function in the same manner for test-takers with varying levels of language proficiency. We should not ignore the factors that test-takers identify as important in the testing experience, and choice is clearly one of cawl factors. The low proficiency category includes test-takers who must complete at least one intensive course of ESL prior to beginning university studies.

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Before the tape is played the students are given 3 minutes to review the questions which they will have to answer while they essaj listening to the lecture. This methodological problem may be one source of the inconsistency in the results of these studies of prior knowledge. The number of test-takers who completed each version of the test is indicated in the third column of the table.

Analysis conducted for the three other dependent variables reading response, lecture response and essay response also found no significant differ- ence for the choice and samlpe groups as a whole.

Keagan, Paul, Trench and Truber. The use of random assignment of the test takers to the choice and no-choice conditions means that these two groups of test-takers can Downloaded from http: A scoring key is provided for the answers esxay the listening questions.

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Summarizing and Synthesizing Reading 1: In fact, an exploration of the potential value of choice as a testing feature became our second research question. Language learning background fac- tors and ESL proficiency.


cael essay sample

Test takers use the information from the Reading and Listening components to write their essay. The first part of the questionnaire asked test-takers to indicate the importance of five factors in their test performance.

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An examination of the topic choices made by test-takers at high- and low-proficiency levels is also conducted in an attempt to provide further insight into both research questions.

If I am out of luck to pick some topic that I rssay not familiar with, I have a kind of feeling that I destroy myself. On the relative value of multiple-choice, constructed response, and examine-selected items on two achievement tests.

cael essay sample

The second research question is to determine the extent to which test- takers perceive choice to be an important part of the testing experi- ence. Our observations indicate that test-takers are often concerned about the potential of a topic effect, even though we can provide evidence to the contrary. This collaborated score is recorded as a band score. Hammadou discusses the relationships between prior knowledge, context and language proficiency.

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This is not a very pragmatic solution for the sample of test-takers in this study given the 42 differ- ent first languages reported. Topic-based test developers must ensure that test takers are neither advantaged nor disadvantaged in terms of their test results when presented with a given test topic. Essy and anti-nuclear groups on these tasks was compared and no signifi- cant differences were found.

Memorial consequences of choosing nonwords: