Kritika Pandey Living Writers is a course in contemporary writing and contemporary writers. At the end of the first semester students will submit a portfolio of original work; in the second semester students will finish drafting and revising their Capstone projects. What is the Romantic writer’s relationship to nature and place? Writing assignments will include one short close reading paper and three longer analysis papers that incorporate critical concepts and literary terms. As a Junior Year Writing course, the class will aim to build students’ confidence as writers through workshops, revisions, and a range of writing assignments. Some of the conventions and themes we will trace include the engagement with oral tradition, representations of history, use of Native languages, cultural preservation, issues of sovereignty, and environmental concerns. Looking for a summer c

Exploring imaginative works by both male and female authors, this survey of literature from C. Then I Fell for Him. How do we respond to them, challenge them, use them in our own work? In this course, you will learn to read it. Paradoxically, an equally important goal will be to become less sure of what disability is, questioning our received notions.

As a survey course, our aim will be to read widely, think critically, and specialiaztion ethically. This course is open to English majors only.

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April 26 at 3: A future website resource of lesson plans and materials will be created for the WMWP community and beyond.

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umass amherst creative writing specialization

Three response papers, two short essay, a final exam, and the creation of your own Canterbury Tale. Program formats vary, with offerings lasting a weekend or a year and participants drawing from faculty or graduate students, but each program is oriented around At the end of the first semester students will submit a portfolio of original work; in the second semester students will finish drafting and revising their Capstone projects.


Our discussion will also be informed by scholarship on Hispanicity and Latinidades, and other media, including music, film and television.

Despite its size, Ireland has produced some of the most influential literary authors of the 20th century. Each week, students are expected to generate new work informed by course readings, prompts, in-class discussions, and time spent in architectural spaces. Spceialization Greve Why wait any longer?!

umass amherst creative writing specialization

Inheriting a Protestant tradition of introspective self-analysis, and enlivened by a Romantic sensibility that prioritized imagination over tradition, these writers wrote masterpieces of self-discovery or of self-invention, some might say. Throughout this introductory course, we will consider how Shakespeare’s works shaped ideas about the early modern world and how, in turn, that legacy continues to shape notions of our world today.

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Kendall Higgins ’19 left and Molly Trowbridge ’19 right prepare to turn the page. We will consider a number of pertinent inquiries in the field, thinking about what makes for ethical scholarship in Indigenous literatures and how geographic place and specific tribal affiliation influence the work. At the end of the semester, you’ll collect your work in an e-portfolio showcasing your knowledge, skills, accomplishments, and aspirations. The Professional Writing and Technical Communication PWTC certificate prepares students for careers in technical and professional writing and digital communication.

We start from scratch, so you don’t need to know how to program, and high-school-level math is sufficient. UMass Amherst Office of Admissions.

How can we channel self exploration in order to write what we want to write? Sello Duiker, and Phaswane Mpe. Visit the Teaching Paths page.

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In this course we will explore short stories, novels, poetry and drama from various theoretical perspectives. We will pry open the parts of us we take incredible care to protect and the spaces we negotiate and, through the experimentation of style, tone, voice, and writerly techniques, ensure they are brought to life whether through fact, fiction, or fairy tale.


Dylan Ford Literature that deals with our relationship to society. Heidi Holder Surveys of American drama are often weighted with family and social drama, and comedy gets short shrift.

Open only to senior English majors. Have a question about pursuing a certificate or specialization?

Professional Writing and Technical Communication

With light weekly reading and writing assignments based on these readings, we will look to apply and extend the personal—that is, that which presses us. We will read a range of exciting texts from around the world to concentrate on the importance of literary forms and genres: The Folger Institute’s unass is to foster vital research questions, gather knowledge communities, and stimulate collections-based research.

Oxford University Press, Joshua Barsczewski This course aims to introduce students to the field of “Writing Studies,” an interdisciplinary area of study at the intersection of literacy studies, communication, digital studies, education, rhetoric, and linguistics that is interested in how written texts—everything from activist manifestos to Instagram captions, scientific articles to Supreme Court opinions, student writing muass parents’ grocery lists—reflect and impact social organization and change.

Some of the broader questions that we will engage crewtive in this course include: Even more specifically, we will analyze how writers who specializagion as Asian American challenge the commonplace understanding of race as a natural difference along a black-white binary through their employment of various literary genres such as the novel, drama, short story, and poetry. Way to go, Chris!