These dimensions are specified as attitudes7 towards a product, product benefits8, and product attributes9. The negative correlation in the first league between match attendances and the appreciation of the opportunity to watch star players, questions attributes as relevant associations. Consequently, building a barrier to strategic management within organizations that needs to be solved Wood, Product-related attribute success is positively related to match attendance. The ties that bind:

Further details are provided in Appendix H. This can only be achieved if the internal acceptance of the values and the brand by the staff is at least as high as the external acceptance. Journal of Consumer Marketing, Vol. The criteria for successful service brands. Finally, distinct thanks go to my supervisors Robert Merrin and Gildas Blanchard for guiding me in the progress of this master thesis leaving adequate room for my own creativity and thoughts. It is highly difficult to achieve these levels of success for a football team, since winning is never guaranteed and only the top five places imply real success. The model continues to compare the effect of benefits on match attendance to the effect of attributes on match attendance.

Also the underestimation of variance is counteracted by the larger sample used in this research Pallant, Brand loyalty is measured in match attendances or ticket sales income depending on the approach employed.

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Consequently, the study confirms only attributes effect on match attendance regarding international tournament participation and rejects H3a, H3b, and H3c. Only one component was extracted. Therefore, the concentration of benefits and forming a perfectly sound experience in the stadium is the primary aim.

Nevertheless, the prior literature gives guidance to approach an investigation on the matters of brand associations and their influence of the degree of loyalty in the sports setting. Additional details are provided in the Appendix H. Furthermore, the view is limited by the general fact that asking someone about their perception, attitude or associations of a certain service may not coincide with the action taken in a real life situation. The relevance of these findings with regard to the research questions and subsequently to the problem statement will be assessed.


Mean N Mean Deviation Error Lower Bound Upper Bound Minimum Maximum Single 8,37 8,7,49 9,24 0 43 Never 56 11,45 10, 1, rhesis 14,36 0 40 Married Married 91 9,71 8,8,00 11,43 0 36 Separated 4 18,25 1,16,25 20,25 17 20 Divorced 9 14,22 11, 3, 5,75 22,69 6 42 Widowed 2 10,50 14, 10, ,92 ,92 0 21 Total 9,11 8,8,35 9,86 0 43 Test of Homogeneity of Variances How many matches are attended in the last season?

Between Groups54,Within Groups77, TotalRobust Tests of Equality of Means How many matches are attended in the last season? By Lysias T Charumbira. Incorporating the growing knowledge into the marketing strategies and tactics will enable seb sports organization, such as a football club, to differentiate themselves, bojn the degree of loyalty as well as the group of loyal fans; and ultimately building the base to follow a success-oriented path in the long run.

Three distinctions are required to decide between regular players and over average achieving players. Besides this special emphasis, the financial analysis was also able to define the insignificant relationship between the money spent on player transfers and ticket sales.

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Firstly, the mean values of the descriptive statistics show that there is a mean difference in match attendance of 2. A comfortable atmosphere for spectators in the stadiums, with an eye on boyn, well-educated fan staff, and general customer service, seems necessary to allow for good, fair and harmless interaction between the spectator groups.


The harmonic mean of the group sizes is used. Often overlooked by loyalty measures or purchase intentions is the possibility that someone never purchases a product but still has a positive brand equity in his mind.

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The individual items of each of the benefit facets provide the following insights. Journal of Marketing, 50 4 Residual -2, zbe, – 1, Deleted Residual23, – 7, Stud. August from http: Descriptive Statistics — Model Variables – FA The dependent variable ticket represents ticket sales and the amount earned with a mean of ca.

sbe boun thesis

This implies that even though the coefficient of buyp shows statistical significance the effect is not economically significant. Despite these limitations, which may restrict the generalizability of the findings, the study design was performed with great caution and under reflection of the before mentioned sb. Brands and brand equity: Harvard Business Review, 33 2 Harvard Business Review, 75 1 Reviewing the concept of brands and branding.

Enter the theiss address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. For instance, supporters with higher match zbe oppose product-related attributes in general to be relevant.

Resulting from the literature review, section 2 will develop the conceptual model along with specific hypotheses. Journal of Marketing Management, 17, One reason is the lack to consider usage occasions, differences across markets, or group of consumers in the outcome measures. An adaption by Kaynak et al.