Retrieved 1 June Four notable participants of the competition were the Cercado sisters, Almira, Irene, Mylene, and Celina Cercado, now popularly known as 4th Impact , who rose to prominence after getting the fifth place in the 12th series of X Factor UK. Later, Alden gives her a third surprise: Miss Gay Philippines is one of Eat Bulaga! Retrieved 13 February — via YouTube.

Retrieved 9 July Retrieved 14 March Speaking of whom, Isadora appears and confesses that she is the true grandmother of Yaya Dub but did not fulfill her familial duties. Retrieved 3 February Retrieved 9 July They even surpassed the

Rishi Jaitly, one of the executives of Twitter said that the tweets were “real, fresh and organic. The highlight of the beauty pageant are the funny antics of the contestants, including their ridiculous answers to serious questions and their humorous performances in the talent portion. Eeat remorsefully tells Alden that she prefers the couple to celebrate their weeksary together instead of Yaya being in danger.

It is a special Saturday musical presentation of the BakClash Hall of Divaswho are the contestants or BakClashers from the BakClash segment who managed to advance to the next round.

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Record-breaking tweets correlate to a pivotal episode of Kalyeserye, mostly about AlDub’s continuing romance. List of Kalyeserye episodes “Tamang Panahon”. Retrieved 11 August The segment is a beauty contest for female children who are beautiful, talented, and intelligent. CS1 Tagalog-language sources tl Articles with short description.

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The hosts then go free-for-all, chasing and throwing cream pies at each other and at the studio audience. The daily contestants must perform three poses as requested by the hosts in order to compare the definition of their muscles. During the contest’s grand finals, The Moffatts themselves were invited to the show as judges for the competition.


Record-breaking tweets correlate to a pivotal episode of Kalyeserye, mostly about AlDub’s continuing 20115. Dabarkads Awards is an annual awards ceremony given to recognize exemplary productions and performances of Eat Bulaga! Some of the running gags and story lines throughout the parody include the ” Pabebe Wave ” a deviation of a beauty queen wave gesture between Alden and Yaya Dub, Lola Nidora lobbying for a pairing between Yaya Dub and Frankie using the portmanteau “YaKie” ,and the incompetence of the numerous Rogelios, Lola Nidora’s bodyguards.

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Tinidora also discloses that Yaya Dub is really not her daughter, and expresses her disappointment to her sisters because they have left Yaya Dub in Lola Tinidora’s care.

Solving The name of bulaya segment is taken from the famous phrase, “All for one and jyne for all”, which is best known as the motto of the title characters in the The Three Musketeers by the nineteenth-century French author Alexandre Bulaga. Lola Nidora entertains two applicants for peoblem position of the maid.

The AlDub couple became an overnight phenomenon on both television and social media. He walks slowly to meet Yaya Dub as Nidora proceeds to deliver her litany about true love that can wait for the right time.


After problem hours, ALDubEBTamangPanahon, the bulaga hashtag for the event, reached 41 million tweets, becoming the most solved topic for the TV category worldwide in and the most used hashtag within 24 hours on Twitter. Each host is accompanied by a well-known dance group.

Tatay Dodong – Facebook”. The Manila Times in an editorial cartoon depicted that many national issues in the Philippines are being permanently ignored because of the popularity of AlDub, Korean dramas and K-pop in the Philippines.

The fandom’s large amount in numbers is one main reason to contributing to AlDub’s success.

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The seven winners must each bring plastic bottles and their registration forms to receive a cash prize. The Ransom – Facebook”.

On October 24,Eat Bulaga! The winner is the team with the highest score. The pairing of Yaya Dub and Frankie is referred to as “YaKie” a combination of their names that deliberately sounds like “yucky.

problem solving eat bulaga june 4 2015

Retrieved 6 September Retrieved 28 March It is a contest for children who must send two pictures to the show: Retrieved 19 July The Urban Roamer Roaming and chronicling the metropolis since solvnig Those who insist to be the “real” Isadora, but are not able to prove their identity, are expelled by the Lolas.