And a “powerful” in a different sense language for everyday people in everyday companies. Unfortunately, that’s not the world I and a lot of other people live in. Default alive or default dead? A Plan for Spam. It then degrades into a weird little Wiki-fight, but the saner comments look like this:

The Acceleration of Addictiveness. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. Lies We Tell Kids. The 18 Mistakes That Kill Startups. Houston, Texas USA info fogliettaconsulting. A way to detect bias. You can find books with stories like these in your library or bookstore.

paul grahams essay revenge of the nerds

Peter Norvig has also written about this topic in Python for Lisp Programmers. Over the years since, he has written several essays describing features or goals of the language, and some internal projects at Y Combinator have been written in Arc, most notably the Hacker News web forum and news aggregator program. I can’t see what advantage either restriction brings you. Why Twitter is a Big Deal. Some say taking them as an example grwhams be dangerous for young people.

Why to Not Not Start a Startup. Eventually I realized that he needed a close friend to trail him in his dark adventures, to love him and also to be troubled by him.

Re: Revenge of the Nerds

Retrieved 14 November It probably isn’t better, for example, in: In the summer of Viaweb was sold to Yahoo! Filters that Fight Back. Retrieved 29 September I agree that Lisp might not be the language to use graams you wanted to do something really low level, like move bits around, and processor time was worth more to you than programmer time. Your bio is your first introduction to your audience.


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I also disagree that it is not believable that the vast majority of programmers have been boneheads for 40 years. I believe you are thinking of an excellent hacker whose code gets read once in a while by fellow excellent hackers who marvel at his fine algorithms and coding style.

Trevor Blackwell wrote that Lisp thee only a win for certain classes of project. Are Software Patents Evil? There has been a lot of discussion on LL1, about whether succinctness is a good design goal for programming languages, as I implied in the appendix to Revenge of the Nerds. He has a big heart and will take the time to listen to all of your needs.

Paul Te essay Revenge of the Nerds is a nearly pornographic love letter to Lisp. Default alive or default dead? Posted by jorge on nov 12, in Articles Comentarios desactivados. How to Convince Investors. He later gained fame for his essays, which he posts to his personal website, paulgraham.


paul grahams essay revenge of the nerds

Almost all modern languages have a very complete implementation of regular expressions, which is one of the central features of the PERL language. What Kate Saw in Silicon Valley. Would you call a hash table that wasn’t the value of a variable an “anonymous hash table? Revenge of the Nerds has generated a lot of additional discussion, which I summarize here for anyone interested in going deeper into the issues raised in it.

Paul Graham Essays

How Art Can Be Good. The New Funding Landscape. Jessica Livingston and I who are married despite our different last names are expecting our first child any day now.

Technology journalist Steven Levy has described Graham as a “hacker philosopher”. There is no reason to fail your university assignment thanks to our assignment writers. Actually grew up in the last word is in the end, her ordeal with Lulu teaches Chua rveenge and honesty are in the United Nations.