A “Both terms mean the same thing, so you do have osteoporosis. While obtaining her vital signs, the nurse notes that Kat is pale and has petechiae on her anterior chest and neck. B Meet privately with the nurse at once to discuss the conversation that was overheard. The nurse instructs Kat to select a specific day of the week when she can take the medication first thing in the morning. Search under health assessment and promotion

What action should the nurse implement? C Began treatment for hyperlipidemia with simvistatin Lipitor 6 months ago. D The nurse reviews Kat’s medical history for other risk factors. B “It is important to increase the frequency of your walks to at least 5 times per week. Which data, obtained during the intake assessment and interview, indicates that Kat has an increased risk for osteoporosis? Does anyone know the answers to evolve case studies, “osteoporosis and coronary artery disease? C “I am sure your daughter is glad to be able to help you.

Are vaccines safe for children?

Otherwise, contact a moderator for quizlte options. B A Complication Occurs Three weeks later, Kat goes to the emergency department of the local medical center, where she reports that she fell off a ladder the previous day and is experiencing increasing pelvic tenderness. This should be conducted in a private setting to maintain the nurse’s right to privacy. C Ensure that intubation equipment is readily available.

Which nursing action should be implemented to address this potential problem? C “Try not to worry about that right now while you are still healing.


D Twelve hours following a knee arthroplasty, a client reports pain when using the prescribed continuous passive motion device. In addition to evaluating for the presence of subjective symptoms, what assessment technique should the nurse include in the ongoing assessment of Kat’s bone density? Log In Forgot your password? B Therapeutic Communication Kat decides to attempt the self-injections at home, beginning the following day.

B Clinical Manifestations Kat returns to the office 1 month later to discuss the results of her test with the provider and learns that her T-score – 1. D “Any additional calcium supplementation could cause you to have harmful symptoms of calcium toxicity. CORRECT Diminished sensation and movement of the feet, along with diminished pedal pulses, pallor, and pain indicate impaired peripheral neurovascular function.

B Kat tells the nurse that she started taking a mg calcium supplement daily after she stopped her post-hysterectomy estrogen therapy. Get unlimited homework help with our free online study community. The nurse stresses the importance of reporting which problem?

B Perform an Allen’s test. D “It is important to have a weekly routine so you won’t forget to take the medication. A What medications have you taken during the last year? C “Weakness and fatigue often increase as the condition worsens. B After the appointment for DXA is scheduled, Studg reminds quizley nurse that she has a number of food allergies, including shellfish, red food color, peanuts, and strawberries. A week later, she calls the nurse to report that she is able to administer the injections, and has also taught her daughter how to perform the injection.


osteoporosis hesi case study quizlet

The nurse caring for Kat is concerned about the amount of opioid analgesics that Kat osteoporosjs received since her fracture occurred. B An experienced orthopedic unit RN who is scheduled off for the day.

Does anyone know the answers to evolve case studies, “osteoporosis”

D “Participating in sports activities often helps the bones become stronger and denser. Post your homework questions and get free online help from our incredible volunteers. I hope I am not a burden to her.

osteoporosis hesi case study quizlet

Even though the client has recently experienced a fracture this is not an quuzlet situation, so the client may prefer to wait for the appointment in three weeks. D Assess for sensation and movement of the feet every 4 hours. Mitchell schedules a follow-up appointment with her healthcare provider to ensure adequate healing of the fracture. Solved An adult osteopporosis, “I never know the answers,” and “My opinion doesn’t count.

Which reported information indicates the need to assign the client to the RN?

osteoporosis hesi case study quizlet

D Do your hands or feet ever swell when you exercise? What action should the charge nurse take? How is Biology Forums – Study Force different than tutoring?