A preliminary list of modules is also available. Page numbers shall be located centrally at the bottom of the page, approximately 10 mm. It is important that students understand how best to gather, manage, store and deal with data in their projects and thesis. Exploring male body-building as a beauty practice in neoliberalism and the impact of social media by Jack Stockwell. There are full- and part-time options available.

Founded in Dublin in , the Undergraduate Awards is a pan-discipline international awards programme. An exploration of the selfie practices of Irish women and their negotiation of selfie culture. Pursuing a PhD in Sociology allows a student to advance their research skills, analytical skills, writing and presentation skills. A Traveller perspective by Kathleen Lawrence. Explorations through the lifecourse. Bernice Mc Laughlin Thesis. We have a frequently asked questions section below.

Watch this thseis video to find out more about where our graduates end up. Payne UG awards essay. A4 size paper which is EC standard and specified in BS should be used. The Meaning of Success: What’s in a name? After the year abroad you return to Maynooth to progress into your final year.

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Litt and PhD in the Department of Sociology. Mary Corcoran Siobhan McGrath. You will see links to their research projects below in the section on our postgraduates and their theses. Community Development in Dublin. What P is a statement or proposition which, despite sound or apparently sound reasoning from acceptable premises, leads to a conclusion that seems logically unacceptable or self-contradictory?


For PhD dissertations, please refer directly to the Examinations Office website: The Research Proposal The research proposal should be typed, double spaced and approximately pages long. The month and year of submission.

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How does the environmental movement create new knowledge? A preliminary list of modules is also available.

nuim sociology thesis

The Substance of Society: Critical Discourse Analysis of pharmaceutical websites, print and visual media. A participatory action research project into learning and knowledge creation in the Irish environmental movement. The study of formal political institutions is a core part of any politics course.

nuim sociology thesis

socioolgy She defended her doctorate at University of Groningen where she worked for a while before returning to Ireland in It is not expected that the student will stick blindly to this proposal should they socioloy admitted as a research postgraduate student but it will provide a soociology guide for students and the department in assessing the application and in developing the research. Applicants may be called for interview by departmental staff before a decision is made regarding admission.

This includes, but goes beyond, the traditional study of parties and elections to include a much broader variety of aspects of politics including public opinion, community activism, the media, NGOs, new social movements, trade unions etc. I am thinking of doing a PhD in Sociology, where do I start?


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See the list of international locations around the world. Political Subjectivity and State Cooption. Name of the Supervisor of the research. The University offers a limited range of funding supports to taught and research postgraduates. The Rhythm of Our Lives: The list of universities that Maynooth students hhesis visit is revised regularly. Modules not available to International Students Specifically, the small tutorial groups, led by experienced tutors, create an active learning environment to better understand the type of reading and writing that are involved in becoming a competent user of the language of sociology.

Knowledge production in self-organised working class activity and the politics of developing community television in Ireland using PAR strategies. Information about modules can be found here. Power, organisation and decision-making are central parts of the informal politics that underpins much of the everyday world.