In addition to having regular Retail Presentation Standards assessments, Lotterywest provide a self-assessment checklist which outlines all the key areas that are evaluated as part of your regular assessments. Project grants can assist you in testing or trialing an initiative. The business plan is a key element of the application process and provides you with the opportunity to research and conduct your due diligence process. What does my money support in WA? Information regarding training requirements can be found in section 2 of our Retail Manual. Further conditions may apply to your grant and these would be communicated in your grant approval advice letter if a grant is approved. Jim McGinty joined the Board in August

Each application is considered on its merit and is not assessed competitively in a round. You can either purchase an existing store that is up for sale, or establish a new store. Reach your business potential. Atlantic Philanthropies- Led by the University of Melbourne Starting in , up to 25 fellowships will be awarded annually for the next 20 years, to develop some social change agents, influential leaders and innovative thinkers. Good ideas are behind every project that makes our community a better place.

Our intent is to support your idea if we can. Please factor in these timeframes for funding your event or project.

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Applications for a Lotterywest grant can be made throughout the year. How long is lottsrywest process? Directory of consultants We have developed a list of consultants that can assist in providing relevant, high quality advice.


Find out more We use a wide range of businesses to help us in our day to day work. She oversees a team of ecologists, reserve managers and hospitality staff and is responsible for delivering conservation impacts at scale across the reserves.

The event agenda includes important business updates from Lotterywest, interactive master classes and presentations from nationally recognised retail industry experts.

Sick of receiving fluffy pink slippers? Community organisations can also form partnerships with public sector agencies. All Lotterywest retailers operate under a formal Agreement that is specific to the owner, location and business type. We can offer ideas to help you to combine our grant with other sources of support.

How many times can I apply?

Reach your business potential

Every time you play Lotyerywest games, you contribute to the things that make WA great. Back orders and hard copies of the current and previous Lotterywest Annual Reports are available on request.

What are the most appropriate sources of funding? Kilfinan Australia Provides confidential, free, one-on-one mentoring relationships between CEOs of not-for-profit organisations and experienced leaders from the corporate and public sectors. What other scholarship programs are available for the not-for-profit sector?

What training do I need to do? Grants can support charitable or benevolent purposes. Lotteryqest partnerships often have: The process may take longer for applications that require additional information or further development.

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Find a store We’re closer than you think Your local Lotterywest store could be just around the corner. They offer a variety of reward types and focus on specific Lotterywest products and selling behaviours.


Reach your business potential. Be sure to factor in this time needed for assessment and a decision when planning your project.

So that we can reach our business potential and support you to reach yours, we offer great initiatives to help you grow your business. To build a better WA together with you, we need to understand what your project is and businesss it will impact the community. The business plan is a key element of the application process and provides you with the opportunity to research and conduct your due diligence process. What support will I get as a Lotterywest retailer?

lotterywest business plan

Are there other organisations we could work with on this? Whether developing a computer system, event, or project, planning will help to identify issues so you can mitigate risk and take advantage of opportunities that arise. Lotterywest approves around 1, grant applications every buslness.

What if the request is for items that relate to services that are purchased by government? Hopefully this will help you get your application up and running. Click on the tiles for more information or start the conversation with buainess. You can find out more under section 3 in the Retail Manual.