Bayanihan of d’ Pipol , it is a raffle promo sponsored by Coca-Cola. There are two contestants. Korek Ka Dyan is a quiz segment that offers a maximum cash prize of 1 million pesos for correctly answering successive multiple-choice questions of increasing difficulty. Retrieved February 12, The contestants are judge on their personality, talent, and stage presence. Other beauty pageants are Super Sireyna , which is regarded as the first gay beauty pageant on Philippine television after its launch in , and Fat-Talbugan , a breakthrough pageant that gave heavy people a chance to show that big can also be beautiful.

Due to public demand, Eat Bulaga! The first player who presses the buzzer must provide a response to the question in order to be awarded a point. Only one clue will be given by the hosts for each word. After his death, the Eat Bulaga! For the intercluster competition, it is divided into two rounds. Aspiring entrepreneurs or someone who has a friend who wants to start a business must share their story of what business they want to start through e-mail to Eat Bulaga! The subsegments range from talent contests to ad-lib soap operas and may usually involve participation of barangay residents.

Bulagaan is a veteran segment of Eat Bulaga! The hosts then go free-for-all, chasing and throwing cream pies at each other and at the studio audience. One color will be randomly chosen through spinning a giant roulette wheel, the contestants who formed a queue from the chosen color will advance to the second round.

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Buffalo Dance is one of the many dance competitions created by Eat Bulaga! For the first round, the contestants must showcase their talents.


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Before each question, the category is given and the team chooses one player to attempt it. Each game, there is a 22015 consisting of three players.

Alaxan Muscleman is a male beauty contest for Filipino musclemen. My Mini Me to highlight the child contestant’s rapport with her parents. It is a game contest. The highlight of the competition are the funny antics of the bulagq contestants during the introductory portion, the talent portion, and the question-and-answer portion. Ang Tunay na Kuwento since The group with the fastest time wins the game.

This segment is done everyday, Monday to Saturday, with locations ranging nationwide — from barangays and subdivisions across Metro Manilaall the way to provinces in LuzonVisayas and Mindanao. Beat the Champion to introduce a new batch of contestants who must beat the week’s current champion.


Their celebrity partner is chosen for them in the daily round, which will be their companion for the rest of the competition. The raffle promo ran from March to Septemberwith 12 weekly draws and the grand draw televised in Eat Bulaga! The EB Hosts will be divided into two groups: To join the raffle, proof of purchase of participating products must be placed inside an envelope together with the sender’s contact information.


eat bulaga problem solving may 11 2015

The female candidates represent their college campuses from across the country. A studio host draws an entry from a box containing registration forms and calls the phone number to confirm the lucky winner’s name and address.

For instance, a closed umbrella roughly resembles a sword or a walking cane. This forced the Eat Bulaga!


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Dance groups perform to the Italo electro synth tune “Communicate” by the Italian band Kirlian Camera. Batang Star is a talent contest for kids. Body Dancer is one of the many dance competitions created by Eat Bulaga!

Bayanihan of D’ Pipol. The contestants must also name who they think their male celebrity look-alike is as part of their introduction. It is a selfie contest sponsored by the convenience store All Day. Mothers and daughters who are look-alikes talk about their relationship and showcase their talent.

Dabarkads in Concert is a special segment that appears during a special occasion, such as birthdays and anniversary celebrations. Indonesia in other networks”. Lucky entries that are randomly drawn will win large cash and other big prizes.

eat bulaga problem solving may 11 2015

The dance contest serves as a promotional segment for the song ” Choopeta ” by the Brazilian girl group T-Rio after its release in The dance contest serves as a promotional segment for the song ” Barbie Girl ” by Danish dance-pop group Aqua after its release in It is a raffle promo sponsored bulga the condiment brand Ajinomoto. For the first round, contestants must form a queue from the 3 sets of colors: