Faculty of Mechanical Science and Engineering Day The ceremonial conferring of the doctoral and post-doctoral degrees takes place every year on the “Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Day”. A variant of chemical vapor deposition CVD has been used to produce Al5BO9 nanowires out of sapphire wafers without the need of a catalyst material. Finally, a new and unique strategy for large scale alignment of carbon nanotubes is presented by combing dielectrophoresis during Langmuir-Blodgett assembly process. These CVD techniques suffer some drawbacks, namely, that because they are synthesized using catalyst particles metals or non-metals the catalyst material can contaminate the tubes and affect their intrinsic properties. This information is available in German only. Localization of nanoparticles at liquid-liquid interfaces by manipulating the particle surface energy is an upcoming area with great potential for research and opens a window to fabricate self assembled interfacial structured hybrid materials with unique properties.

This information is provided by FIS. The possibility to make hybrid structure functionalization by attaching ss-DNA backbone to the positively charged head group of a cationic surfactant by ionic interaction is demonstrated. TU Dresden has a broad spectrum of Humanities and Social Sciences and is in an excellent position to conduct interdisciplinary research on the big questions of our times. In terms of nanotube orientation, different techniques have been demonstrated for the fabrication of horizontally aligned SWCNTs with either post synthesis routes e. Further aspects are the influence of wakes and potential effects on the unsteady profile pressures and the excited blade pressure forces.

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Website search Reset Search. Culture and Societal Change TU Dresden has a broad spectrum of Humanities and Social Sciences and is in an excellent position to conduct interdisciplinary research on the big questions of our times. After you have made maschinenwwsen decision on how to publish, please ask at your faculty about the according guidelines.

The model has been further extended to consider time-dependent external electric fields in which a special emphasis is given to the profiles in which this external parameter can interact with the associated molecular complex.


This ceremony is a tradition that we consciously cultivate. Skip to main navigation. Thus, the catalyst-free synthesis of aligned SWNT is very desirable. Doctoral and post-doctoral degrees mean more than just scientific qualification work.

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Materials Science and Engineering Innovative material systems and their production technologies in a cross-material and cross-product approach are at the centre of a long tradition and excellent expertise at TU Dresden. Hence, five different molecular complexes which offer a potential playground to realistic implement the m-QCA paradigm have been investigated. Thus, it is shown that even small changes of the classical square geometry between driver and target cells, such as those induced by distance variations or shape distortions, can make cells respond to interactions in a far less symmetric fashion, modifying and potentially impairing the expected computational behavior of the m-QCA.

It is therefore one of the challenges of the present and future design of compressors and turbines to include beneficial unsteady effects to improve the engine parameters. For those who are thirsting for more science — doctoral degrees and post-doctoral work at the Faculty Every year, nearly young scientists enter doctoral and post-doctoral programmes at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, with more than 20 percent being women – an increasing trend.

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Address work Visitor Address: However, to exploit its full potential and to ensure efficient scale-up, self assembly of such nanoparticles is absolutely essential.

In addition, the transport properties of the aligned tubes at room temperature are also investigated through the fabrication of devices based on these tubes. Read more Jahre sprechende Maschinen: Learn more about admission jaschinenwesen, applications and guidelines.

The TU Dresden has passed a Resolution on Open Access-Publishing that explicitely calls researchers to make their scientific work dissertationn to the public by publishing on the institutional repository Qucosa. Due to aerodynamic blade row interactions the pressure distribution on the blades considerably changes in time. Pursuing the development and implementation of novel synthesis techniques to produce nanostructures with an interesting set of properties is a goal that advances the frontiers of nanotechnology.


In addition, the wakes and potential effects superimpose with other flow patterns, for instance the tip clearance vortices and other secondary flow phenomena. All 3-minute long contributions to the 1 st Science-Slam of the Faculty of Mechanical Science and Engineering can be found on our Facebook-channel.

dissertation tu dresden maschinenwesen

This information is provided by FIS. This can lead to a reduction of fatigue life or even a destruction of the blading. One-dimensional nanomaterials are one of the most spectacular and promising candidates for technological application in the field of nanotechnology. Skip to secondary maschinenwseen. Address postal Postal Address: Their high charge mobility, exceedingly good current-carrying capacities and ability to be either semiconducting or metallic render them ideal building blocks for nanoelectronics.

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dissertation tu dresden maschinenwesen

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For more information, please contact our Alumni Officer. We honour the successful qualification of young academics and use this festive occasion to give award and prizes that document the top achievements of our faculty: Calendar of events The calendar of events for TU Dresden is placed at dissertatin Skip to main navigation.